English Common Core Mobile Activities ebook

English Common Core Mobile Activities

English Common Core Mobile Activities

I recently published English Common Core Mobile Activities ebook.

Use these 150+ different mobile activities to guide your students in learning and demonstrating the English Language Arts Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Anchor Statements in Language, Speaking and Listening, Reading, and Writing. The activities, organized by Anchor Statements, actively engage your students. More than half the English activities are non-fiction. Although the ebook is intended for grades 6-12,  English teachers at both the elementary and the college level can easily adapt the activities. Over 98% of the suggested apps are free and work on both Android and iPad. Many of these mobile activities can be implemented immediately in the classroom. Each activity is described in detail; most students already can use the app in each activity. Students spend time in achieving the Anchor Statements, not in learning apps. Many of these ELA mobile activities are done in pairs or small group so not all students need to have a mobile device.  $7.99 available at  http://bit.ly/engccmobile


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