My name is Harry Grover Tuttle. I have been a technology integration teacher and a district wide coordinator of technology. In addition, I’ve taught Spanish, English, and English as Second Language.  I’ve been in  Syracuse University’s School of Education where I have worked with electronic portfolios, taught courses such as “Integrating Technology Through Data Driven Decision Making,”taught education courses, and worked with public school teachers in integrating technology.  I now adjunct teach Writing, Critical Thinking, and Oral Presentations.  I have had the honor of being the president of ISTE’s Tech Cordinators SIG and of New York State Association for Computers and Technology in Education (NYSCATE). I enjoy presenting at national conferences such as NECC and Tech Forum. My major interest is improving student learning  and within that area I focus on: formative assessment;  technology; 21st century skills; language development; videoconferencing; and global education. My recent book is Formative Assessment: Responding to Your Students which is available through Eye-on-Education. I am fortunate to write columns for Hot Chalk and for Wiggins’ Big Idea website.  I can be reached at htuttlebs at gmail


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  1. 1 lakshmi November 19, 2006 at 2:11 pm

    my name is lakshmi and i am an online tutor. YOur profile is really good and i am intrested in nowing more about integrating education and technology.

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