Outside Reviewers Assess Learning in Web 2.0

My sister-in-law lives in Australia and is working on her dissertation. She says that only “experts in the field”, not university professors, will be the final reviewers of her dissertation.

I wonder how often with all of Web 2.0 tools that we have  that outside experts evaluate the work of our students? Do our students only produce work for us or do they produce real world work? Do they apply their math to real life projects so that others can react to their work? Do they investigate science environmental issues and have  local scientists review their work? Do they write up proposals for changes in traffic patterns in their English classes and then have local traffic officials look over the plans? Do our art students create designs for local buildings and then have people judge which design best fits their building?

Do we use Web 2.0 for real world learning or for academic within-the-classroom learning? Do we challenge our students to do real world work?


1 Response to “Outside Reviewers Assess Learning in Web 2.0”

  1. 1 Carl Anderson March 19, 2008 at 8:37 am

    I was introduced to blogging by a classmate in my graduate classes. This classmate used a blog to field test all of his papers and all drafts of each chapter of his capstone. Doing this he was able to gather feedback from a plethora of sources before submitting the final paper. I thought this was a genius application of web 2.0 and especially of blogs for student centered use in education. I think this model could benefit students in all fields at all levels of instruction k-phd.

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