Picasa -Wonderfully Easy Photo Editing and Organizing Tool


If you do not have Picasa, run to http://picasa.google.com/ and download it.  It organized the thousands of pictures I have by folder.  It does all the basics such as straighen, crop, color, etc very easily.  I took pictures from a  35 year old book and with a few clicks, the images looked as bright as they did many years ago.  Adding an embedded caption is a double click and click on caption process.  Did I mention it was free!

All of your students can edit their photographs that they took for a project in Science, ELA, Math, Social Studies, Art, Music, PE, Health, Technology, etc.  They can move pictures from one folder to another with ease. They can create a slide show with a few clicks. The school cannot complain that it cannot afford good quality photo editing and organizing software when Picasa is available.

On a personal note I have previously uploaded some digital pictures to a website for printing but the pictures were cropped on all sides so I lost the image I wanted.  With Picasa, I indicate what size I want such as 4 x6 and the pictures come out exactly the way I want them.  Picasso would be proud of such picture art!


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